The decision to migrate from a proprietary or server based system to a cloud based one is not often an easy one for enterprises that handle large amounts of sensitive, business-critical information and circulate this information across the various operational nodes of the business.


This means that new information is generated almost every minute of the work day somewhere across the enterprise geography and this new information needs to be not only absorbed but processed and distributed over the system.


Naturally, data security is a persistent concern, and we at Compas work diligently to ensure that our customers benefit from the best security protocol available on the cloud today. More and more large enterprises are adopting cloud based systems because of the simplicity in delivering innovative customer products and services and the low cost of developing, introducing and operating these innovations.


The speed of innovation and the costs of delivery are two of the prime factors influencing company CIOs to move from server based architecture to the cloud, and this will continue to drive our product innovation in the future.