Compas is a ‘Best of Breed’ enterprise application that facilitates the deployment, management and movement of large volumes of personnel across continents.


It is a powerful and fully-matured crew management tool that addresses the needs of any large shipping company, transport and offshore operator, and comes as a standalone suite of applications, as well as a cloud based system.


Compas is a highly innovative and intuitive resource that delivers unparalleled power and efficiency in managing all aspects of manning such as planning, crew competence management, travel, training, assessment, logistics, payroll, etc.


It is an iGeneration web-based solution built to work on any platform, device or operating system, be it Win, Mac, Linux or wireless devices such as the iPad, tablets and smartphones.


Compas offers an environment of continuous development, constantly evolving to meet the needs of the marine economy while ensuring unmatched flexibility and round-the-clock vigilance and security.