Complete crew management


Compas provides a 360-degree coverage of the entire human resource function of a commercial vessels operator, incorporating advanced planning and execution tools meant to enhance crew management capacities. Here are some of its features:


Personnel Database: Contains bio-data, details of past voyages and current mission, certifications, licenses, seaman’s books, training and medical records and a range of other relevant personnel data.


Recruitment: From identification of personel requirements and creating what-if scenarios, to tracking deployment and performance of new hires and generating reports and statistics.


Dashboard: For generating comprehensive reports with charts and analysis, available by different criteria such as companies, fleets, manning sources, nationalities, owners, etc. Selected reports can be exported as PowerPoint presentations with a single click.


Compliance Check: Automatic analysis of various compliance requirements related to company, flag, owner, vessel type, onboard equipment, STCW, etc.


Reporting: Inbuilt reports and business intelligence tool, embedded in each of the functional areas of the application and providing immediate insights and situational analysis.


Visual-aided Planning: Allows planning with inbuilt business logic to help identifying best possible replacement for crew onboard and what-if scenarios on compliance with all regulations and requirements. Drag-and-drop tool allows vessel-based or rank-based crew planning.


Execution Tools: Enhances crew change capacity – automatic flight generation, automatic mail notification with attachments, validation of last round of compliance checks, cost control, bulk commitment of crew records, etc.