Travel planner


Comprehensive travel planning and execution tool that maps all crew movement in an integrated application. Key features include:


Integrated with Crew Change: While independent travel requests can always be carried out directly, crew change management integration adds unbelievable automation and ease-of-use in managing personnel movement operations.


Corporate Travel: Provides superior fencing for corporate travel due to its sensitive nature, allowing separate processes and flows as well as diferent travel service providers.


Multiple Currency: Any quotation received is kept in the quoted currency as well as in USD for ease of comparison and reporting.


Multiple Travel Agencies: Allows business distribution to multiple travel agents as well as comparison and competition for the business. Each request can be sent to multiple agencies and quotations received can be easily compared and selected for approval.


Accounting Integration: While its main purpose is to serve operational needs, it also doubles as a purchasing tool as well seamlessly issues POs to travel agents and generates reports with full audit trail of all requests, quotations, invoices and receipts.


Airport finder: Allows exact airport identification with integrated capabilities for geo-location, geo-search and complete database of available airports.


Benchmarking: Comparing various service providers, mapping airline routes is made easy with extensive analytical capability. Different ticketing agencies are compared on their quotations on specific routes to identify the best option.


Reporting: Integrated reporting offers unbelievable depth in analysis of travel pattern, cost breakdowns, deviations, distributions and trends. All reports come with drill down capabilities on multiple levels.


Third-party Integration: Any third party can be integrated via open API as well as through middleware via solution for marine travel industry.