Compas started in early 2000s as a stand-alone enterprise application for crew management supporting medium-sized crewing operations, and quickly grew into a package of applications that provided complete manpower management and planning for large multinational commercial shipping enterprises.


At the early stages, Compas was paired with a host of sister applications which were developed as add-ons to go with the main application but have long since been absorbed by the Compas Business Suite to deliver the full spectrum of human resource management tools for the marine industry.


Compas is the product of continuous innovation and its phenomenal growth and transformation reflects the changes in the marine industry throughout this lifecycle.


Our recent foray into the offshore industry has further diversified the Compas Business Suit audience, gaining its title as the “Preferred Solution”.


Today, Compas is a cloud-based platform that still retains the core values of its legacy system but offers way more value to those it serves.