“Thome Group implemented the Compas Crew Management system to achieve a higher level of efficiency in its data collection and distribution, and better time management, as well as serve the principals, at their convenience, instantly on Thome’s crew management operation. The need for a new web-based Third Generation crew management system became increasingly important to the Thome Group in its efforts to better manage its crewing resources, as well as cope with constantly increasing headcount and reporting requirements.”

Captain Michael Elwert
Director, Group HR, HSSQE & Crewing
Thome Group



“Wilhelmsen Ship Management entered into an agreement with Net Vision to implement its crew management system, Compas, starting March 2011. Compas is a state-of-the-art tool that allows easy and flexible information handling capacity for all aspects of modern crew management.”

Captain Tushar Mohile
Vice-President, Marine Personnel
Wilhelmsen Ship Management



“The day Compas went live was a big day for Uniteam Marine. The project started in the summer of 2011 and involved a large number of key personnel from both the fleet personnel and payroll department. The introduction of Compas marks a strategic move by Uniteam Marine to streamline existing business procedures and to push out various manual data entry tasks to manning agents.”

Warren Gibbs, IT Director
Capt. Thomas Reppenhagen, Fleet Director
Uniteam Marine