At Net Vision we understand that no system is great if it is not effective and does not deliver the expected results. Implementing such a complex system is usually a massive task and for that most companies would not have in-house expertize or resource. Therefore we always offer our clients a pick and choose from our complete service range:


Installation: Except technology challenges, a complex system with thousand of configuration points requires deep knowledge, understanding of the system as well as the desired results for project scope. We have specialist that can always ensure a trouble free installation and ensure smooth setup.


Consulting: Maritime human resource management is a particularly challenging activity and various processes involved can be further enhanced and refined having in view system capabilities and specificity of the client. We provide skilled consultants that can help streamline the processes and provide deep insight in industry best practices helping clients employing best policies for their particular environment.


Training: We address a wide range of client issues through comprehensive training programs. Our instruction methodology is tailored to specific client needs and organizational preparedness. With an emphasis on hands-on operation, system efficiency and troubleshooting, we offer interactive instructional experience that reduces learning time and delivers practical know-how.


Document and Data Migration: Moving data from a legacy system is never an easy task. We offer complete data migration services and have a 100% success rate. As part of the transfer, and upon client request, a data cleanup exercise will be performed. This is needed as systems tends to accumulate redundant sets of master data over time.


Maintenance and Support: Our primary goal behind providing continuous maintenance and system support for our clients is ensuring operational continuity. We also provide preventive maintenance in order to anticipate and avoid systems snags before they take place.